Saturday, September 18, 2021

Strong Start To The New School Year!

 Hello Room 101 families,

Here we are- in the school year 2021-2022! I am so proud of our students for being so resilient through out all the challenges the last year had for all of us. Ms. Bouye and I keep reminding ourselves that our current kindergarten students ONLY had a full year of pre-K3 in-person schooling under their belt! This year, we have refocused and slowed down a little bit to ensure we are rebuilding strong foundations. Last week, we noticed great progress during our morning work time. Most of our students are able to choose work, complete the work cycle and extend their stamina. We are observing more interest and focus in their works.

I also want to highlight our wonderful community! I am very grateful for the teachers I work with (especially Ms. Bouye). Our EC team is stronger than ever! We are also so lucky to have the trust and support of our families. We are all in this together! Thank you for entrusting your children to us.

Here are some pictures from the last weeks of school. Enjoy!